Kamis, 31 Oktober 2013

Chords Gitar Bondan Prakoso & Fade 2 Black - 1234

1 2 3 4

Chord: Em C D (‘till drop)

Santoz : Yo What’s up Fella’s!

Titz : What’s up man!

Santoz : Have a great time now?

Titz : Yeah dawg!

Santoz : Follow me… Hommie…

Reff : 1 2 3 4 come on yo’ every body (3x)

Shake that booties on the floor… (2x)


Shake it to the left n’ shake it to the right

Don’t make any mistake coz’ you can start the fight

Grab the mic so you know how to react

Lap dance n’ lap dance just don’t let it stop!!!

Chillin’ in the club you know at the Friday night

Searching the spot getting high fly to the top

Listen to hip-hop (let it flow with your blood)

Loose your money don’t regret just say…..(oww my god!!)

I can’t stand… coz’ I wanna dance…

1 2 3 4… let your body groove on…

stick to the plan with the money talk then…

1 2 3 4… let the party move on…

Back To Reff:


Whats that gee yoo…? ini intermezzo yo..

Do you wanna know dawg, rollin’ that bootie oww noo..

Body-body movin’, get body-body movin’

Ude’ jangan dipikirin kejadian kemarin

Yoyoyo… 1 2 3 4… bigidi yo…..

Goin’ flow with the beat jangan bertingkah bodo

Keep it groovin’ that’s what we wanna doin'

Squeckin’ screaming banyak yang dikerjain dawg…

Back To Reff:


Yoo! It’s my turn now… I’m gonna make it a little faster now… Are you ready guyz?

Hey you! right there! What’s ur name? don’t just stand there…

I got a cheep here for you, so you kow what to do

It’s sounds funky groovie baby (like what?!) just like Agnes Monica

And I’ll try to make you horny (with what?!) with a fuckin’ formula

Give it up tide for the jungle beat here don’t let it loose

I’m turn it from slow to fast coz I push the turbo boost

I’ll show you what is a right well I’ll show it to you tonight

Middle upper tempo mono stereo yo’ peace up don’t fight

I want you all to put all your hands in the air then lil a bit around

And let’s this fuckin rhythm getting to listen to the sound

We gotta hip please don’t let it freeze………

Shake it left right yo’ doin’ like this……..

Back To Reff: (Repeat 2x)

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